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Here's a few tips on how you can best prepare for your float session:

Avoid caffeine for 3-4 hours before:

Coffee and other caffeinated beverages are designed to stimulate the body and mind, where as relaxing in a float tank does the opposite. This can create a little tug-of-war in your nervous system.

Avoid shaving/waxing 6 hours before:

Although our concentrated Epsom salt water is fantastic for your body, freshly shaven or waxed skin can be quite sensitive to the float solution, causing some irritation.

Avoid drinking too much water before:

Being hydrated is important but if you consume too liquids before your session—you may risk needing to quickly jump out mid-way through your float to go for a pee! Less interuptions, the better.

Eat a light meal 60-90 minutes before:

Eat too much? You'll be listening to your body digest. Don't eat enough? You'll be listening to the orchestra of grumbles and growls of your hungry stomach. Find a happy medium!

If you wear contacts, bring a case:

If you happen to get a bit of salt water in your eyes with contacts, it can be a bit annoying. Plus there's no worry about irritation if you like to float with your eyes closed.

No need to bring swimsuit or towels:

You'll have everything you need in your own private float suite, including towels, robes, shampoo & body wash—and because you float in the NUDE, there are no swim suits required.

You CANNOT float if you:

1. have uncontrolled epilepsy.

2. are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

3. have a fresh tattoo (within 4-6 weeks).

4. have an open wound or deep cut.

5. have recently dyed your hair (7-9 days):  

Hair dye can permanently stain our tanks, shower area and towels. Yikes! Not cool!  

If you recently coloured your hair red, green, blue or purple in the last 2-weeks, please give us a call to get some more information; or we may need to charge a towel replacement fee.

Please contact us if you have questions or concerns about anything mentioned above.

You can email us or give us a call.

Whenever you may be in doubt about your health; please check-in with your doctor! 

Need to make changes within 24-hours of your appointment?

Please phone or text 780-424-0303 and we'll help you right away.

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